Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
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Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Recap

Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Recap

"Between all the iconic fighters, stages and music, it's the largest video game crossover ever produced - and nothing short of a Nintendo fan's dream come true".

It's not clear how much the Ultimate Limited Edition will cost, but it will release "alongside" the base game on December 7 this year.

Nintendo also sold adapters for the Wii U's Super Smash Bros. title.

His main weapon comes in the form of his signature chained whip, which retains its properties from the classic NES Castlevania entries. The fan-favorite Alucard will also appear as an Assist Trophy. There will be more than 800 tracks in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and for the first time, you'll be able to pick the song you want to hear as you fight.

In terms of fighters, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct didn't hold back. Finally, King K.Rool from Donkey Kong will also be part of the character roster. The big lizard sports his regal attire and is also capable of donning his pirate captain costume. Ultimate was the addition of King K. Rool as a playable character. It's unclear whether or not Ultimate's Classic mode will be any different, and if it'll be used at all for unlocking additional fighters as it has in the past. It wasn't until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character trailers above as well as the entire Nintendo Direct. Each stage in the game will also support eight-player battles (additional accessories may be required for multiplayer modes and are sold separately) and feature the ability to turn off hazards like the Yellow Devil in Wily Castle. Sakurai made a point to say stages are being rebalanced, with the Fountain itself looking a little wider than its original design.

Video game stories from other sites on the web. His Final Smash is the Grand Cross, which locks an opponent in an explosive coffin.

Nintendo is including a 3V3 and 5V5 elimination mode for tournaments.

But don't worry, apparently Luigi did manage to reunite the two halves of his essence, at least according to the official Nintendo Versus UK Twitter account.

Squad Strike is an interesting new mode that allows players to go head-to-head with groups of fighters instead of just one.

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