Published: Mon, August 06, 2018
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PUBG Mobile Game Gets a Mission Impossible: Fallout Crossover

PUBG Mobile Game Gets a Mission Impossible: Fallout Crossover

Among the six biggest film studios, Disney now ranks No. 1 in terms of domestic market share for 2018, with 35 percent.

The final stretch of the 2018 summer movie season kicked off Friday as three new films -Disney's Christopher Robin, The Spy Who Dumped Me and The Darkest Minds- ushered in the Dog Days of summer and were met with indifference from ticket buyers. The movie, which carries a $75 million production budget, has garnered mixed reviews.

Taff confirmed that "Christopher Robin" has been denied a release in China, locking the release out from the world's second largest film market.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was denied a release in China as part of the country's efforts to limit imagery of Winnie the Pooh, which has been used to criticize its leader, Xi Jinping.

"Fallout" had a better second weekend than the previous "Mission", 2015's "Rogue Nation", which took in $US28.5 million in its second frame.

Tom Cruise easily conquered Winnie the Pooh at the domestic box office. There, we meet characters who are enduring symbols of the power and warmth of childhood whimsy-and also, in a handful of places, criticism of an oligarchical, semi-tyrannical government.

Not all the news was great. The film has collected 55 crore* in one week flat and is continuing to go strong at the Box Office.

"2 thousand feet, 2 thousand, 4 hours of climbing". But it only received a 68 percent certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. China, which restricts the number of US movies that play in its theaters, declined to give the film a release date. Where available, the latest worldwide numbers for Friday through Sunday also are included.

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