Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

NCAA basketball changes: Undrafted players can return to school

NCAA basketball changes: Undrafted players can return to school

College students are able to have agents effective immediately.

They'll also be allowed to be represented by agents, in college and, for some, as high school prospects.

Several NBA officials were surprised over the presumptive and premature nature of the NCAA's rules changes, which assumed that the NBA and NBPA will abandon the one-and-done college rule and allow high school players into the NBA draft. Those select players can be represented by an agent beginning July 1 before their senior year in high school, pending the end to the one-and-done rule.

The NBA, USA Basketball and NCAA did meet and discuss these prospective changes, but the NBA and USA Basketball never believed they had come to a consensus with the NCAA on how they would move forward together on the issues, sources said.

The agent would have to be certified by the NCAA no later than August 2020.

"We will review the NCAA's planned reforms and continue to assess, along with our Players' Association, the potential for any related NBA rules changes", NBA spokesman Tim Frank said. Until then, agents certified by the National Basketball Association players' union would qualify. The agent's work would stop if the player enrolls in or returns to college.

The Rice Commission, led by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, was formed in response to an FBI investigation into payments from shoe companies to coaches for steering players to certain schools.

On Wednesday, the NCAA made its long-promised, much-ballyhooed foray into reducing corruption within its college basketball ranks.

The policies adopted by the NCAA's Board of Governors and Division I Council include the appointment of independent groups to handle and resolve complex cases.

The statement also confirmed the ultimate responsibility for rules compliance rests not with the head coach and/or athletic director, but university administration: "University presidents and chancellors will be personally accountable for their athletics program following the rules". The NCAA says that will save time since investigators would no longer have to independently confirm information outlined by other agencies or outside investigations.

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