Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Europe is getting a Smash Ultimate limited edition

Europe is getting a Smash Ultimate limited edition

It boasts a number of Gothic enemies to battle, including Dracula himself every "blue moon", as well as Alucard as an assist trophy. Accompanying the debut of Simon and Richter Belmont is Dracula's Castle, which of course features candlesticks that drop items when they're broken, as well as Castlevania's rogues gallery of monster movie villains. King K. Rool, a frequent foe of Donkey Kong, is joining the roster.

Other newly-announced echo fighters include Chrom, from Fire Emblem: Awakening, who will be Roy's echo, and Dark Samus, the corrupted Phazon duplicate of Samus Aran from Metroid Prime 3.

With a non-stop onslaught of new information coming from today's Smash Direct, the official website for Smash Ultimate has been touched up across the board. Richter Belmont, a descendant of Simon Belmont and the star of his own Castlevania games, also joins the Super Smash Bros. While they will play similar to their source character (Marth and Samus) the differences will be enough to make competitive players and casuals alike appreciate their inclusion as two separate characters. Ultimate Limited Edition? How about the new amiibo? Nintendo and series creator Masahiro Sakurai managed to pack a lot into its relatively short running time, covering everything from new stages and characters to new assist trophies and game modes. There's even a completely new mode of gameplay which Sakurai teased but did not reveal. After picking up to 32 participants (and how many of those will be CPUs) players are given bracket options that can include standard 1-on-1 battles or 4-on-4 madness with a shorter bracket. However, with Ultimate, Nintendo has also announced the inclusion of characters from Castlevania. But judging by the gameplay video, he may be the most adaptable heavyweight character yet: throwing his crown like a boomerang, blasting fools with a blunderbuss, and lacing up a boxing glove for some fierce close-up damage.

The controller was widely praised for its comfort and ease of use, which is part of the reason it was available for use in the next Super Smash Bros. game for Wii, Brawl.

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