Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Apple Boots Alex Jones From iTunes For Hate Speech

Apple Boots Alex Jones From iTunes For Hate Speech

Dorsey took a thinly veiled swipe at Facebook and YouTube, which acted only after Apple removed Jones, by saying Twitter did not "simply react to outside pressure". Dorsey said it's the responsibility of the press, which is "what serves the public conversation best".

Publishing platforms have faced strong pressure to take action against Jones and Infowars over the past few months, but Apple was the first major company to sanction the broadcaster in its entirety. Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey tweeted that his platform wouldn't join other social networks in banning parts or all of Mr. Jones's controversial content.

Dorsey further explained/admitted that Twitter has "been bad at explaining our decisions in the past", but the platform refuses to "succumb and simply react to outside pressure" by banning Jones like most other digital platforms. A statement released Tuesday said that since 2013, the company has explicitly banned "targeted harassment", elaborated on how it enforces violations of its policies on hateful conduct, and beefed up its rules on sharing intimate photos of someone without their consent, among other changes.

"Accounts like Jones' can often sensationalize issues and spread unsubstantiated rumors, so it's critical journalists document, validate, and refute such information directly so people can form their own opinions", Dorsey said. Podcasts like "The Alex Jones Show" and "War Room" have been pulled from all of Apple's directories, but the company has left up the less popular InfoWars podcast "Real News With David Knight".

"Folks, there was some bad news recently for extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist and bath salts spokesmodel, Alex Jones", Stephen Colbert told The Late Show audience on Tuesday night.

As CNBC notes, the Infowars app violates the same guidelines that prompted Apple to remove its podcast counterpart, so it seems unlikely that it will remain available from Apple for long. Jones also called the school shooting at Sandy Hook a government-backed hoax and several parents who lost children in the shooting are suing him.

He points out, however, that Alex Jones is not being given a free ride.

The social media chief acknowledged Jones' sensational claims but said they don't automatically cross the terms of Twitter's user policies.

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