Published: Thu, August 02, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Android users now have the option of YouTube's dark mode

Android users now have the option of YouTube's dark mode

YouTube announced past year that its Dark Mode, which aims to lessen the light intensity of using its app at night, will be making its way to mobile devices.

The dark theme will thoroughly darken your YouTube, which in my opinion is far easier on the eyes than making the background a pure black.

A dark theme was first announced and rolled out on YouTube's desktop website. Dark Mode can also be toggled on and off in individual emails by clicking a button at the top of an email labelled "turn on the lights".

After a long wait, Google is finally testing dark mode on Android.

The theme can similarly be toggled on and off within the app's settings menu. As expected, the white background switches to black all through the YouTube app as soon as it is enabled. In fact, the same has already been available for iOS users though its good to seen Android too has now joined the party. Similarly, iOS users can activate the feature by tapping their profile icon and then heading into settings where they can see a "Dark Theme" toggle.

Similarly iOS users could take advantage of dark mode by also clicking on their profile within the app, then settings before switching the toggle for the new theme on. Well, that changes now, at least for the lucky few that have the feature rolling out to their Android phones.

When the feature has fully rolled out, the option can be turned on and off by the user. Dark mode is really one of those features you didn't know you wanted until you use it. It's great for offering a more cinematic user experience, as well as cutting down the glare from light reflection on the screen.

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