Published: Mon, August 06, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

AMBER Alert issued for child allegedly abducted from DC airport

AMBER Alert issued for child allegedly abducted from DC airport

A 12-year-old Chinese girl who went missing from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is believed to be in "extreme danger", authorities said on Friday. Jinjing Ma, 12, is a "critical missing juvenile", authorities said Friday during a press conference, the Washington Post reports.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police said JinJing Ma was found on August 3 in the custody of her parents in Queens, New York. So far, no word on the circumstances of her disappearance.

The authorities said they were not sure if the couple in NY was the same as the one in Washington, but they believed the two events were related.

It also is unclear if the individuals from the airport are the same as the couple in NY, but it appears that they are "connected", Huchler said. Police describe Ma as an Asian female, with black hair and brown eyes. That group has since traveled to San Francisco and is being interviewed in order to get more information on the abduction.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert for 12-year-old JinJing Ma on Thursday.

Police previously said the girl had just received her passport before checking in at the airport when she left to go to the bathroom.

"We don't really know at this point what really happened and whether the tour group had been alerted or how exactly things transpired", explained Anna Demidchik with the Demidchik Law Firm.

Police say JinJing is about four-feet-11-inches tall and weighs about 90 pounds.

Chief Huchler described the interaction in NY as "related" to her kidnapping.

Shortly before she disappeared, police said another surveillance photo shows JinJing's abductor arriving at the airport with a male suspect.

"It wasn't until they were starting to check through security that another student within the group notified chaperones she was missing", Huchler said.

Ma is seen leaving the airport by getting into an Infiniti QX70 with NY tags with the woman.

Authorities in Virginia are also working with the Chinese embassy and the FBI's Office of Human Trafficking in hopes of finding her.

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