Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

YouTube star and two friends plunge to death at Canada waterfall

YouTube star and two friends plunge to death at Canada waterfall

The three were reportedly swimming in a pool atop the waterfall when Scraper slipped and fell.

The cousin of a man who fell 30 metres into a waterfall pool near Squamish says Charles Ryker Gamble died trying to help his friend.

Family members confirmed Ryker Gamble was one of the three killed.

More than 500,000 subscribers there-and another one million on Instagram-followed their often-risky adventures, which sometimes defied basic rules of safety.

The waterfalls themselves are among of the tallest in British Columbia, reaching 335m at their highest point.

They said they will work to keep the memory of their friends alive by living life to the fullest.

Last year two out of the three dead adventurers, Gamble and Lyakh, were accompanied by another group member Justis Price Brown to walk on a sensitive hot spring in Yellowstone National Park and, after they pleaded guilty to that as well as a series of other crimes across USA parks, were banned from accessing U.S. federal land for five years.

"He'd known Alexey his whole life, since they were little, little kids". Occasionally, their stunts got them into trouble - like when Ryker and Alexey were caught trespassing on a sensitive hot springs at Yellowstone National Park.

Their bodies were later recovered by a search and rescue team from a pool below. Gamble and Lyakh, both 30, were apparently trying to rescue Scraper, 29, who had slipped and was drawn into fast-moving water.

In the video, the three were described as some of the "warmest, kindest, most driven and outgoing people that you could ever meet".

"His mother helped set up a school for orphan children in Uganda and he was very active in that, both fundraising and, I believe, he went over there as well to volunteer at some point".

"It's a handsome area but along with that comes some pretty severe terrain and unless people are educated, equipped, trained to access some of these areas, it has potential for great risk", Wilcox said.

"When life is on goal and I feel clear with my direction, all my other decisions seem to get easier", he wrote, adding that "it took me 29 years to understand this".

"Positivity and stepping out of your comfort zone means knowing not only you are risking your life but also you are throwing it away for followers????" one person asked under the tearful memorial video.

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