Published: Wed, July 04, 2018
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Walmart boycott campaign launched after outcry over ‘Impeach 45’ clothing

Walmart boycott campaign launched after outcry over ‘Impeach 45’ clothing

People took to Twitter Tuesday morning to voice their frustration over the situation, tweeting #BoycottWalmart.

Fox News notes that Old Glory is the company that is selling the clothing with "Impeach 45" emblazoned across the front.

Walmart has gotten in trouble before for its lack of oversight on its online platform.

Late last night, Ryan Fournier, the chairman of the political group Students For Trump, tweeted about the shirt (that also came in adorable onesie form), asking Walmart, "What kind of message are you trying to send?"

The shirt, which was available in adult sizes and in baby onesies, bore the words "Impeach 45", in reference to Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

The shirt wasn't made by Walmart. The site also sells several different versions of "Hillary for Prison" shirts.

In a statement given to the BBC, Walmart confirmed it was now reviewing its marketplace policies. Alice Walton donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a fund supporting Clinton in the 2016 election cycle, but Clinton has rejected her family's support in the past.

This is America, land of the free commerce, but Walmart is somehow under fire after Trump supporters got in a tizzy after discovering "Impeach 45" tees were being sold on the superstore's website.

By Tuesday afternoon Walmart had removed the listing from its website, though they are still available through other online retailers such as Amazon and Bonanza. One shirt mirrors an anti-Hillary shirt and says "I'm really Donald Trump, don't let this "human" costume fool you", and another reads "Trumpty Dumpty: We need a wall".

More than half of the stuff Amazon sold in 2017 came from third-party sellers, rather than Amazon itself, and Walmart saw its sales jump after it overhauled its marketplace. "Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required", on its third-party marketplace. Walmart sells the t-shirts, but it doesn't manufacture them.

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