Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy retiring, giving Trump a second pick

US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy retiring, giving Trump a second pick

"I congratulate Justice Kennedy on his service to our country".

Despite the Republican majority, Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund says she's confident senators can be persuaded to hold off.

"Leader McConnell set that standard in 2016 when he denied Judge Garland a hearing for almost a year, and the Senate should follow the McConnell Standard". "I wish Justice Kennedy and his family the very best", Hatch said in a statement. Kennedy's successor is less likely than him to get in their way.

She explained that how President Trump pledged during his election campaign to ban Muslims, which the then enforced through an executive order following his assumption of office after a stunning victory against rival Democrat and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. "I think you see the kind of quality that we're looking at when we look at that list".

The new Senate majority allowed McConnell to block the Garland nomination, giving conservatives a Supreme Court majority. "There should be no consideration of a Supreme Court nominee until the American people have a chance to weigh in". The FBI is still conducting background checks, the person said.

"It is imperative that the president's nominee be considered fairly and not subjected to personal attacks", McConnell said.

McConnell added that he looks forward to another "outstanding selection" from Trump.

Kennedy is a conservative, but he joined the court's four liberals to cast deciding votes on several key social issues, most notably on gay marriage. Trump's first nominee, Neil Gorsuch, was confirmed by the Senate in April 2017 by a vote of 54-45.

Without Justice Kennedy, the court will be split between four liberal justices who were appointed by Democratic presidents and four conservatives who were named by Republicans.

Trump says he discussed with Kennedy some potential replacements but declined to say which names were mentioned.

The president, who had compiled a list of 25 candidates since his campaign, said he may interview one or two candidates this weekend at his resort in Bedminster.

President Trump said that he found out about Kennedy's retirement a half-hour before it was announced - he had in fact gone to the White House to talk to the president for about 30 minutes, and Kennedy offered recommendations about who might replace him, the president told reporters during a meeting with the president of Portugal. "We will vote to confirm Justice Kennedy's successor this fall", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the floor just minutes after the news of Kennedy's retirement broke. The partisan bombast over who'll replace Kennedy promises to be the biggest political fight thus far of the already turbulent Trump presidency.

It's hard to overstate how seismic a shift Kennedy's retirement could be for the court and for American society as a whole.

Let us not dwell on the obvious truth that they could trust Trump's judgment because he promised not to exercise it: He promised that he would choose Scalia's replacement from a list provided by people who have actually thought about such matters - principally, the conservative lawyers of the Federalist Society.

But what has to happen between now and a new justice actually sitting on the Supreme Court bench? So they need at least a 51-49 edge to reject any Trump judicial nomination.

But whether the court goes after court precedent forcefully or in smaller cases, abortion rights supporters like NARAL Vice President Adrienne Kimmell said they're concerned for the future.

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