Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
Medical | By Garry George

Trump Suspends Obamacare Payments To Insurers

Trump Suspends Obamacare Payments To Insurers

Using words like "immoral" and "cold-hearted", they saw it as the Republicans' latest act of sabotage against the sweeping health law. About 20 million Americans have received health insurance coverage through the programme.

"I think you're going to see our response to that very shortly, so I'm not going to comment before we make an announcement", Verma said.

One of the great ironies of the Affordable Care Act is that progressives wanted to stick it to the insurers and instead have enriched them with new business.

"It does send a signal of course that the administration is not promoting enrollment", he said. The counselors, known as navigators, help consumers find an affordable health plan on the ACA exchanges.

Obamacare surges on, with the public continuing to approve of it and health insurers coming back to the markets after sitting previous year out. But a month later a federal judge in New Mexico said it was.

"We were disappointed by the court's recent ruling".

Greg Fann, a fellow with the Society of Actuaries, said the role of navigators has been overstated. Obamacare's mandated coverage of many items that most people don't need is the real problem. But here too the insurers have threatened higher premiums, even as the insurers pocket tax-credit subsidies that increase with premiums. These are people who are not going to go to an insurance agent or broker.

It could also encourage more insurers to bow out of Obamacare. Tuesday's notice was the first information CMS has provided this year. Donald Trump's move to gut Obamacare guarantees it.

But his administration has not stood idly by.

The risk adjustment program plays an important role in the ACA by pooling risk for insurers, transferring funds from insurers who enroll healthier members for relatively less, to those that take on higher costs in order to enroll sicker members. However, under Obamacare, insurance companies can not charge higher premiums, or even deny coverage, to clients with pre-existing conditions.

Critics deride such plans as "junk insurance".

These plans, however, aren't required to have the same consumer protections as ACA policies.

This adds to the concern about the lack of navigator funding. Going forward, the administration wants navigators to steer clients into skimpier health coverage.

CMS said the cuts are warranted because Americans have grown more aware of the marketplace, and navigators enrolled fewer than 1 percent of the 12 million Americans who signed up for coverage under Obamacare this year.

Jodi Ray, the director of Florida Covering Kids & Families, a group at the University of South Florida that helps people navigate enrollment, told USA Today she was confounded by the news, and that it would cause her to make hard financial decisions. They also help consumers file appeals with insurers. "It enables the country to move away from a market where plans compete to avoid covering or charge more to people with preexisting health conditions, to one where competition is based on quality, affordable care for everyone". It is an editorially independent program of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation which is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

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