Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
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Trump commends 'brave and talented' rescuers in Thailand

Trump commends 'brave and talented' rescuers in Thailand

The ongoing rescue could take two to four days in all depending on conditions, according to the Associated Press. Mr Musk's companies had said they could help by trying to locate the boys' precise location using Space Exploration Technologies Corp. or Boring Co. technology, pumping water or providing heavy-duty battery packs known as Tesla Inc.

Four Thai soccer players are the first to be successfully rescued from a flooded cave hours after a complex and unsafe rescue mission commenced, according to Thai navy SEALS.

The rescue operation began at 10am local time with the first child expected to emerge at 9pm.

A source, speaking after the first two boys were rescued, said: "Two kids are out".

The team of 18 divers entering the cave have budgeted 11 hours for each rescue attempt to get the boys out-five hours to get there and six hours to get the boys out, with a one-hour rest.

The rescue mission has concluded for the night. "The war ends when we win all three battles - the battles to search, rescue and send them home".

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter Sunday that his government is working "very closely" with Thai officials. Elon Musk has also dispatched engineers from Tesla, Space X, and the Boring Company.

But Narongsak and the Thai Navy SEALS, who are involved in the rescue and have regularly posted updates about the operation on their Facebook page, reported only four were out of the cave. Several ambulances were seen coming to and from the cavesite.

The area outside the Chiang Rai hospital was cordoned off by police.

Earlier on Sunday all media and non-rescue personnel were cleared from the cave site area to facilitate space for rescue personnel and medical team. One of the boys, identified as Tun, wrote: "Mom and Dad, please don't worry, I am fine". That effort appears to be ahead of schedule.

A huge volunteer and media operation has built up around the mouth of the cave over the past week.

It's unclear how long the complex and risky rescue effort will take, but it could be days.

Flooded underground passages, some only 0.6 meters (two feet) wide, separate the cave from the surface.

The first two schoolboys have emerged from a flooded Thai cave after divers launched a daring and unsafe mission to rescue the children and their soccer coach, who have been trapped underground for more than two weeks, a Thai official said.

That along with dwindling oxygen levels added to the urgency of getting the team out.

The letters from the boys penned by the Thai Navy SEAL who is staying with the boys in the cave.

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