Published: Thu, July 19, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Theresa May facing potential pincer movement on Brexit

Theresa May facing potential pincer movement on Brexit

It's not just a few hardline eurosceptics, it's the nation at large that feels it voted to leave the European Union and it expects to leave the European Union, it doesn't want another prime ministerial fudge. When he was elected president, at least 75 cases involving him or his companies were underway, according to USA Today, whose investigation identified more than 3,500 lawsuits involving Trump over three decades, ranging from contract disputes and real estate battles to harassment and discrimination claims.

Trump's pomp-filled visit to the United Kingdom was overshadowed by an explosive interview in The Sun newspaper in which he blasted May, blamed London's mayor for terrorist attacks against the city and argued that Europe was "losing its culture" because of immigration. The greening called the negotiation strategy of the head of government Theresa may is futile, because it will not satisfy either those who want a complete break with the European Union, nor those who opposed to Brexit.

At the same location a week ago, May finally won agreement for her Brexit plans from her cabinet after two years of internal wrangling, but within days, two senior ministers had quit, departures which Trump said earlier in the week had left Britain in "turmoil".

"I would have done it much differently", he told The Sun in an interview published on Friday.

Trump was greeted by massive protests across Britain, including tens of thousands of demonstrators who filled the streets of London alongside a giant balloon that flew over Parliament on Friday depicting him as a cell-phone-toting angry baby in a diaper.

The ultra pro-EU former Labour prime minister Tony Blair described May's compromise position as "mush" which should be "decisively" rejected by parliament. Trump explained his comments to the Sun about Johnson in terms of himself, as he often does.

Trump told The Sun that such a deal "will probably kill" any prospect of a U.S. -U.K. free-trade agreement.

Despite a series of diplomatic spats between Britain and Trump, May is hoping for a quick trade deal with the USA after it leaves the EU. Boosting trans-Atlantic trade ties and paving the way for a post-Brexit deal was one of Britain's main goals for Trump's visit.

With a laugh, she added: "Actually, no". The Brexit White Paper released on Thursday created little movement in markets.

"But this solution - half in/half out - won't work, won't end the argument and will simply mean a confused outcome in which we continue to abide by Europe's rules whilst losing our say over them".

The government avoided what would have been an embarrassing defeat, but the razor-thin margin reveals the fragility of May's support as she tries to find a way to move the complex Brexit process forward.

Trump arrived in Britain after a fraught North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels where he piled pressure on allies to double their defence spending.

Trump said he plans to raise a range of topics in his summit Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, including nuclear proliferation, which Trump said he considers the largest problem facing the world. It was one of the more than 100 demonstrations planned across the country during his four-day stay. "My job as Prime Minister is to deliver for them", she said.

Later on, when the Trumps arrived at Windsor Castle to meet the Queen, it was different.

He then travels north to Scotland where he will spend the weekend privately, joined by son Eric Trump.

Scottish police on Saturday arrested and charged a man in connection with the anti-Trump paraglider protest at President Trump's Turnberry golf course.

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