Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Second Amendment Foundation Calls Senate to Quickly Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Second Amendment Foundation Calls Senate to Quickly Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

"The Democrats who are participating in this charade know this is bad for the republic, but they've just so politicized the process that they can't get out of the cycle", Sasse told CBN News. "The third messaging plank is, 'choose your own adventure'".

Pence, who is also president of the Senate, called Kavanaugh a "good man" and "quite simply the most qualified and the most deserving nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States".

Later, though, in a 2009 Minnesota law review article, Kavanaugh expressed misgivings about the way the investigation unfolded, arguing that a president should not have to face civil lawsuits or investigations during his time in office because they would be "time-consuming and distracting", the Post said.

"He's already on the second greatest court in the union and he has handled himself very, very well", Hatch said before the meeting, adding he expects Kavanaugh's confirmation to go well.

"Our phone is ringing off the hook", said Nan Aron, who founded the liberal Alliance for Justice Action Campaign in 1979. But that fight featured a simple, clear argument - save the ACA - and the clear risk that millions of Americans could lose their health care.

"When the president's first nominee to the Supreme Court came before the Senate previous year, Claire McCaskill joined Chuck Schumer and voted "no" on Neil Gorsuch", Pence said. "A solid conservative who interprets the law, who won't make the law". Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Sen. "It's not something that happens overnight, and if that were to happen, it would mean the question of abortion is returned to the political process and decided by state legislatures". But Kavanaugh has ruled on abortion cases in the past, and legal reporter Mark Joseph Stern fears that he may interpret the "undue burden" standard as loosely as possible - effectively undoing Roe v. Wade by finding that restrictive anti-abortion laws don't violate this standard.

He also criticised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for "failing to advance legislation that would protect women's rights on the state level by empowering the right-leaning Independent Democratic Conference (IDC)".

In a press conference, Democratic senators took aim at Kavanaugh and criticized his rulings on hot-button issues like reproductive rights. Republicans control the chamber, and they are eager to play a role in firming up the court's conservative majority to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, a swing vote.

But as soon as Trump announced his nominee, Democratic leaders denounced the judge and vowed to attempt to block his nomination or at least hold off Kavanaugh's ascension to the high court until after the 2018 midterm elections.

"I think there's nothing to worry about with regard to Roe v. Wade".

The abortion issue is of particular importance this year, when women have emerged as the driving force in the Democratic Party.

His past financial disclosure forms reveal that Kavanaugh has carried significant credit card debt - on and off - for more than a decade. You've changed fundamentally the balance of power in this country. "But at the top of the list is healthcare", he said.

Both sides are acutely aware of those gender dynamics. Kavanaugh clerked for Kozinski from 1990 to 1991.

In conversation with The Washington Post, White House spokesman Raj Shah explained that Kavanaugh's debt was slowly accrued thanks to the Washington Nationals, amongst other random expenses.

That kind of back and forth won't matter much come Election Day, some leading Democrats predict. "People are going to start focusing on this with two weeks to go", said former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. "The American public deserves to know what Kavanaugh saw and heard, and if he did witness or hear about any harassment, what he did or could have done to report it".

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