Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

No one on Trump’s short list is fit to replace Kennedy

No one on Trump’s short list is fit to replace Kennedy

Justice Kennedy has mainly supported abortion rights in his time on the court, and Mr Trump has made clear he would try to choose justices who want to overturn the landmark Roe v Wade decision. President Donald Trump in the Oval Office told reporters he will "immediately" begin the search for a new Supreme Court justice.

"If you remember back in 2010, I believe it was, that we had a midterm election and (Justice Elena) Kagan was approved for the Supreme Court", Grassley said.

The 81-year-old Kennedy, often a voice of moderation over three decades on the court, provided the key vote on such closely divided issues as affirmative action, guns, campaign finance and voting rights in addition to same-sex marriage and the right to abortion.

U.S. Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer said on Wednesday the Senate should reject any Supreme Court nominee put forth by President Donald Trump who would vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion decision or "undermine" healthcare protections.

Esseks said he is hopeful the new justice will embrace recent legal victories in gay rights battles and urged senators to press the nominee on the issue during the confirmation process after Trump announces his pick.

Trump said Wednesday he would chose Kennedy's replacement from an existing list of 25 candidates.

The debate over Kennedy's replacement could cause McCaskill "a lot of difficulties", said Peverill Squire, a political scientist at the University of Missouri. The court's make up will determine important issues, including reproductive rights.

"Our Republican colleagues in the Senate should follow the rule they set in 2016, not to consider a Supreme Court Justice in an election year. Sen".

While there is little the opposition party can do to stop McConnell from pushing the already conservative court farther right for generations, McConnell's moment is not without peril. If the Senate divides 50-50, Vice-President Mike Pence could break a tie to confirm the nominee.

Of course, they would probably need even more than that, as there were three Democrats who broke rank and voted for Gorsuch past year.

And on June 26, the Court upheld the Trump administration's travel ban that blocks people from Iran, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Venezuela from coming to the U.S. The same day, it reversed a lower court decision upholding a California law requiring anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers to fully disclose which services they provide. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Cruz endorsed Trump just after the GOP presidential nominee added Lee to his list of potential court nominees. Kennedy, 81, has always been the decisive vote in many closely divided cases. "Without the 60-vote filibuster requirement [which is not required for votes on Supreme Court nominees], I expect the nominee will be confirmed". His departure will nearly certainly lead to a dramatic, long-term shift on the nation's highest court, one that could have major implications on everything from abortion to voting rights.

The outgoing senator from Utah, Republican Orrin Hatch, who is retiring this year, commended Kennedy for his stalwart defense of the First Amendment.

Says the Kentucky Republican, "It's imperative that the president's nominee be considered fairly and not subjected to personal attacks".

November's midterm elections are expected to produce a bitter struggle for control of Congress in a deeply polarized country, especially if a court seat is still in play.

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