Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

'Morning Joe' Mocks Alan Dershowitz for Shunning by Fellow Liberals Over Trump

'Morning Joe' Mocks Alan Dershowitz for Shunning by Fellow Liberals Over Trump

Frequent television appearances in defense of President Donald Trump have taken a toll on Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz's social life.

"For them, it is enough that what I have said about the Constitution might help Trump", he wrote. Others said they will stop no longer contribute to organizations that sponsor his discussions.

"At a party this week at Martha's Vineyard, a woman said, 'If Dershowitz was here tonight, I'd stab him through the heart.' This is a Martha's Vineyard woman saying she would stab me through the heart", Dershowitz said. "I am so pleased", he said.

"You proudly announce where you have dined and with whom, going so far as to send out pictures of the menu of your meal with Trump at the White House", he added, according to the Globe.

"These childish efforts to shun me because I refused to change my position on civil liberties that I have kept for half a century discourages vibrant debate and may dissuade other civil libertarians from applying their neutral principles to a president of whom they disapprove", he wrote. But one good thing is that being shunned by some "old friends" on Martha's Vineyard has taught me who my real friends are and who my fairweather friends were. From a personal point of view, I could not care less about being shunned by people whose views regarding dialogue I do not respect...

"Let's see if he has the guts to put me on his show so I can tell his viewers the truth", he said, arguing that liberals who are shunning him are actually helping Trump. Silence is not my style.... Ovid, Dante, & Emma Goldman were sent into exile.

And if anyone didn't hear him the first two times, he returns to the theme in discussing a call by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., to harass Trump administration officials. Rosa Luxemburg, Gandhi and Martin Luther King were killed.

Dershowitz was convinced that the vineyard snubs were only working to the president's advantage, even though he's received the scorn of liberals.

"Oh, sack of shit, Thy name is Dershbag".

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