Published: Sun, July 08, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Microsoft is rolling out the July Xbox One update today

Microsoft is rolling out the July Xbox One update today

Why it matters: Digital game downloads are convenient, but they aren't flawless.

Microsoft says this new feature will get you into your game in half the time it would normally take, which should be great news for impatient gamers.

Besides that, the update brings a new organizational feature that lets you create Groups of games and apps. "FastStart works by identifying which files are needed to begin playing and prioritizes the download of those files first, enabling you to quickly jump into full-fidelity gameplay while the remainder of your title downloads in the background", said Major Nelson.

The catch is that the feature is only available right now on certain English-language titles in the Game Pass catalog.

According to Microsoft, the app will allow you to "see exclusive offers just for Xbox fans, redeem your points for Microsoft Store gift cards, and check how many points you've earned from Microsoft purchases and searches with Bing".

Microsoft is also introducing the ability to group games and apps, which essentially allows you to make collections or folders of your games to make your collection more organized and easier to search. You can add groups to Home and Guide, and there should be one Group made as soon as your update is complete.

A new post over on Xbox Wire reports that Darwin Project for the Xbox One has officially shifted to free-to-play. "For example, you can control the joystick and press A at the same time on your touch laptop". Full mouse and keyboard support has been enabled for PC users via the Share Controller, and multi-touch support has been enabled for touch devices. Since entering Xbox Game Preview, Darwin Project has also gained a Duo mode, private matches, a Glider tool, skill-based matchmaking, five new Show Director powers, and support for eight different languages.

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