Published: Tue, July 17, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Huge iceberg drifts close to Greenland village, causing fears of a tsunami

Huge iceberg drifts close to Greenland village, causing fears of a tsunami

"We fear the iceberg could calve [break apart] and send a flood towards the village", said Lina Davidsen of Greenland police.

The iceberg towers over houses on a promontory in the village, but it is grounded and has not moved overnight.

Researchers from New York University shot the video of an iceberg, almost the size of New York City, drifting into the sea after it split from a larger body of ice.

Officials say there are concerns that chunks of the iceberg could flood the remote village with tsunami-like waves, according to multiple reports. "I'd be the first to get out of there".

A colossal 11-million ton iceberg is towering over a tiny Greenland village, captured in one of the most jaw-dropping photos you'll see this week.

"There are cracks and holes that make us fear it can calve anytime", village council member Susanne Eliassen told local newspaper Sermitsiaq.

Authorities have told residents of the Innaarsuit island settlement living near the shore to move to higher ground.

Four people died and 11 were injured in 2018 after an natural disaster caused a tsunami off another island settlement called Nuugaatsiaq.

Last year, a tsunami caused by a landslide on another island settlement killed four and injured 11. Hog has spent a lot of time researching the village, which is now in danger from the iceberg, and says that it increases the risk of potential tidal waves or floods.

Back in June, a four-mile-wide iceberg broke from a glacier in Greenland, the equivalent of three percent of the country's ice-loss happening in just half an hour.

Though the process of glaciers losing ice is natural, and happens every summer, the waters around Greenland have warmed in recent decades, which means that it's happening at a faster rate.

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