Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Houston model bitten by shark while swimming in the Bahamas

Houston model bitten by shark while swimming in the Bahamas

Model Katarina Elle Zarutskie was attacked by a nurse shark while on a family trip.

Would she swim with sharks again?

At this point, many people had gathered to take her pictures, including her boyfriend's father. While floating on her back with her arms stretched out, one shark bit down onto an arm and pulled the 19-year-old underwater. A photo she shared on Instagram showed the bite in action.

The sharks are generally docile, but Katarina was bitten and dragged under as she floated among them - which was captured in the photographs.

When asked whether she went into the water because the the post would generate a lot of hits on Instagram and increase the number of followers, Zarutskie replied "no".

Katarina, keeping a cool head, then swam to some nearby steps - keeping her arm out of water to avoid anymore naughty sharks from being attracted with the dripping blood.

"When he bit me, supposedly it sounded like a big vacuum seal sort of sound", she recalled.

"It seemed safe and I'd seen all these photos so I totally thought it was okay", she said.

One user wrote: "I think you handled the situation like a boss!"

Zarutskie got stitches and antibiotics for the bite, and doctors believe she still has pieces of shark teeth in her arm.

19-year-old Instagram model Katarina Zarutskie suffered a unsafe shark attack while posing on vacation in the Bahamas.

Since the incident emerged the model has received a barrage of criticism from online trolls.

She is upset at the way she has been stereotyped and accused of being social-media obsessed and careless.

Katarina has not let her experience stop her from enjoying and respecting the ocean.

What's alarming about her journey is that unlike most cute #beachgrams, there were dozens of sharks around the area she dove into.

"But it's the internet right?" "They took the information they wanted and really spun the story in a way that I'm a stupid blond Instagram model".

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