Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
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For the first time, conservatives might thank God for Kennedy — George Will

For the first time, conservatives might thank God for Kennedy — George Will

The issue of abortion is a live one at this moment.

US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced on Wednesday that he was retiring, allowing US President Donald Trump nominate a successor who could create the most conservative court in generations and put the landmark Roe v Wade abortion-rights ruling at risk. "With a more reliable conservative, and Roberts having dug his own hole after basing the constitutionality of the ACA on the mandate being a tax - and the tax now having been repealed, that leaves the door open to a different decision in the Supreme Court". I encourage the President to choose a nominee with the credentials, intellect and commitment to the rule of law necessary to serve on the Supreme Court.

He is the second oldest justice on the nine member court. His opinions, his critics said, were erratic, quirky and so narrowly tailored as to give insufficient guidance to the lower courts. "I think that's something the American people simply will not tolerate". "If it was going to happen it's a ways off still".

Without Justice Kennedy, the court will be split between four liberal justices who were appointed by Democratic presidents and four conservatives who were named by Republicans.

The White House, in November, released a list of 25 people the president would choose from to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. He said he would continue to serve through July 31. Control of the Senate is at stake in the November elections, and if Democrats capture the majority, Trump could find it hard to get his choice confirmed. "We can not let that happen again". To break the tie, President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland, a moderate liberal, to take Scalia's seat.

As news of Kennedy's retirement came down, Lee talked to a very small group of reporters in a rare hallway interview about how the retirement is "big news" and as a lifelong watcher of the court, he's very interested in what comes next.

"We're now four months away from an election to determine the party that will control the Senate", she said in the statement.

The Senate Judiciary Committee conducts confirmation hearings for nominees to the Supreme Court.

But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made clear in a series of tweets, and on the floor, he wants to wait until after the midterm election, a precedent he says was originally set by McConnell in 2016. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, who asked her about past writings concerning faith and the law.

"Apparently there's yet a new standard now, which is not to confirm a Supreme Court nominee at all", the Senate Majority Leader said.

"We will have a voice and vote, for sure". All six of these judges are on Trump's list. They are conservative ideologues instead of mainstream jurists. A more galling declaration of moral relativism has never been authored by the nation's highest court.

The 81-year-old said on Wednesday that he is stepping down after more than 30 years on the court.

The very thought of this will dismay Democrats. The FBI is still conducting background checks, the person said. "And I guess I was consistently impressed with his breadth of interest and imagination and intense desire to do the job seriously and well". Notably, in 1993, Kavanaugh worked as Kennedy's law clerk.

McConnell insisted that the seat remain vacant until voters had a say in the presidential election, infuriating Democrats.

The shocking death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2016 thrust the idea of court vacancies right into the middle of the Republican primary fight. And it is likely that Kennedy's retirement, by focusing attention on the Supreme Court and hence on the Senate, will redound to the benefit of Republicans this autumn.

Although Republicans are in the majority, Trump's nominee is not assured of confirmation.

Regardless of who replaces him, Kennedy's departure will be a massive change for the high court, where he has been the crucial swing vote for more than a decade.

Washington could be in for an epic battle over Kennedy's replacement.

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