Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Fifth boy removed from Thailand cave as rescue mission continues

Fifth boy removed from Thailand cave as rescue mission continues

The boy emerged from the cave at about 5:00 p.m. local time Monday and has been transferred to a hospital in Chiang Rai by helicopter after six hours' rescue operation, according to the witness.

The four boys brought out from the flooded Tham Luang Cave in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, are in good condition and receiving medical attention at the province's Prachanukroh Hospital.

Nine members of the "Wild Boars" team are still inside the Tham Luang cave after foreign and Thai divers guided four boys out safely late on Sunday. In a drama that has received press coverage across the world, two British cave rescue specialists, workign with Thai military teams, found the 13 on a bank in a partly flooded chamber several kilometers inside the complex on Monday, last week.

Narongsak on Monday said that after Sunday's operation had finished, the diving team required about 20 hours to redeploy equipment, including oxygen tank, and for the divers to rest for their own safety. Authorities say it could take a total of three to four days to get the remaining boys and the coach out of the cave.

He said recent rains had not affected water levels in the cave and conditions were expected to be "as good as they were on Sunday", reported The Guardian.

Authorities have said extracting the entire team from the cave could take up to four days, but Sunday's success raised hopes that it could be done faster.

Seven more boys and the coach are still trapped.

"Imagine marathon runners. It's like when they reach the finish line exhausted", said the source. "It rained continuously on Sunday and this morning", Osatanakorn said.

While the boys have been rescued from the cave, parents haven't actually gotten a chance to meet with them.

Nargonsak said this phase may take longer than the previous two rescue missions. "I can help him with his homework", he said.

"We have not been told which child has been brought out".

A fifth boy was rescued on Monday afternoon, a Royal Thai Navy official said.

Thirteen divers and five Thai Navy SEALs are involved in the operation, in which the trapped team must walk or wade through muddy areas of the winding cave and rising waters.

The other, and perhaps more worrying, was that oxygen levels in the complex were falling close to unsafe levels.

Four of the boys were safely rescued on Sunday after rescuers carried out a risky operation, amid fears the waters will rise again to a unsafe level. As of Monday, the eight rescued boys have been quarantined at the hospital in case of an infection. He said it was out of respect for the families whose sons were still trapped in the cave.

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