Published: Sun, July 01, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Epic Games Aims to Re-Release ‘Fortnite’ Playground Mode ASAP

Epic Games Aims to Re-Release ‘Fortnite’ Playground Mode ASAP

The reason why Playground mode is so intriguing to players is because it's essentially a sandbox where you can build, explore, and practice fighting to your heart's content. Fortnite 50 v 50 down and out of commission, and that was only brought in after the Final Fight LTM was essentially KIA thanks to negative feedback.

MrPopoTFS on Reddit (a developer at the game) has clarified when we can see an update for Playground mode hit. Has the June 29 update rectified that? While free, there are many opportunities for players to spend money to customize the game with weapons and outfits for their characters.

"We need to continue testing our matchmaking improvements before opening the Playground LTM", an official tweet from the company explained in the early hours of the morning.

If you want to be a part of Fortnite history, head to Snobby Shores on Saturday at 1:30 PM and wait patiently.

The mode originally went down thanks to overwhelming demand and strain on the servers.

So, we're left waiting even longer for more information on when Playground mode might return.

Fortnite made Epic Games about $95 million more in a month than the next leading free-to-play game did for its creator back in July 2017. But now we know that whatever is going to happen is going to happen live.

The other team has to take down the big Leviathan before it's too late. You gather resources 10x faster than normal, and there are more llamas and chests to loot.

This 50v50 LTM will also utilize the same storm patterns as Fortnite Battle Royale's 50v50 version 2, where the final storm circle is visible at the start of the match.

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