Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Elon Musk sends SpaceX engineers to help in Thailand cave rescue

Elon Musk sends SpaceX engineers to help in Thailand cave rescue

The project met its deadline which, if it had been missed, Musk had said would have cost him "probably $50 million or more".

Meanwhile FIFA has sent a letter to the president of the Football Association of Thailand offering its "deepest sympathies and support" to the families of young soccer players and their coach trapped in cave in the country's north.

Twelve boys and their soccer coach have been trapped in the cave system since June 23, when a Monsoon turned what was meant to be a short hike into a crisis that has gripped the world. They were found in the cave on Monday, after spending nine days trapped underground.

Musk wanted to create a new rescue vehicle that he described as "double-layer Kevlar pressure pods with Teflon coating to slip by rocks".

The schoolchildren and their 25-year-old coach have been trapped in the Tham Luang cave in Thailand for nearly two weeks now.

Now, Musk has offered to lend his expertise in drilling holes, and general engineering smarts and resources, to the effort.

CNN reports Musk noted early Friday he was sending SpaceX and Boring Co. engineers over to Thailand to assess things in person, an assertion backed up by the Thai government.

The dive is also dark and unsafe - it has taken rescuers six hours to reach the team and another five hours to return to the entrance.

Musk has been following the story of the soccer team, tweeting his thoughts and offering to assist the Thai government in any way he could over the past week.

Teams of Thai and worldwide divers have since supplied them with food, oxygen and medical attention, but there are mounting concerns about the oxygen level in the chamber, which officials said had fallen to 15%.

A former Thai Navy SEAL died from lack of oxygen in an attempt to navigate the cave on Friday while attempting to replace oxygen canisters for the boys.

So far, the mission to save the team has proved complex and extremely risky. He went on to say, "It sounds like there are other options at play as far as coring down and then the Elon Musk solution". "If so, could dropship fully charged Powerpacks and pumps".

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