Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Category 1 Hurricane Beryl forms in the Atlantic, may weaken

Category 1 Hurricane Beryl forms in the Atlantic, may weaken

Hurricane Beryl was moving westward Friday morning as it was over 1100 miles to the east of the Leeward Islands, according to the 5 am EDT advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

NHC forecasters said because Beryl is very small in size, there is a greater-than-usual uncertainty in the analysis of the storm's intensity.

Beryl was upgraded to a hurricane based on microwave and infrared satellite imagery showing a "pinhole eye" had developed early Friday morning. Beryl is now expected to maintain hurricane strength once it reaches the Lesser Antilles islands in the southeastern Caribbean late Sunday or Monday.

Dominica was hit by Hurricane Maria past year as a Category 5 storm and hasn't fully recovered. The storm continues on a westerly track, reaching the islands as a hurricane by end of the weekend or early next week with some additional strengthening possible over the next 48hrs.

At 6pm today, Beryl was about 1,800 miles south-east of Bermuda, with winds of 80mph, and gusts of more than 95mph.

The hurricane center anticipates the system to move slowly northwestward and then stall or meander near the North Carolina coast over the weekend. The storm was located just over 1,100 miles east, southeast of the Lesser Antilles, headed west at 14 mph.

If the tropical disturbance remains off the Carolina coast, it not expected to have any impact on New Jersey's coast, said Trent Davis, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service's regional forecast office in Mount Holly.

On its current track, forecasters say the system poses no direct threat to any of the islands. It is forecast to pass about 70 miles (113 kilometres) south of Puerto Rico on Monday, but forecasters said the storm-wracked USA territory could experience winds of more than 40 mph (64 kph) and flooding and mudslides from up to four inches (10 centimetres) of rain.

It dumped heavy rain on the U.S. It's unclear whether remnants of Beryl will reach the U.S.

Officials said they will open 424 shelters across Puerto Rico as a preventive measure and urged people to monitor the storm's progress.

Beryl has formed into a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean.

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