Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Warrior Durant wins second successive NBA Finals MVP

Warrior Durant wins second successive NBA Finals MVP

Cook spent more than two seasons in the G League, but got his chance to play with the Warriors as he filled in for Stephen Curry as he recovered from a knee injury. Behind Durant and Curry, the Warriors took a 21-point lead into the fourth quarter, and the Cavaliers waved the white towel with just more than four minutes left, taking James out of what might have been his final contest with Cleveland. Before the 2017-18 season, those five men were the only players to win the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award two times in a row - until Kevin Durant joined that group Friday night.

Durant signed as a free agent with the Warriors in 2016 for less money than he could have made elsewhere to help the Warriors afford to bring him aboard and still be able to keep versatile forward Draymond Green and key guard Klay Thompson alongside 3-point sharpshooter Curry.

And he is already curious about how his younger team-mates progress next season.

"I didn't want to put our coaches, our players in that situation, and I had to fight through it".

No, I can't reasonably guess at what moved David West and Shaun Livingston to say that there were issues behind the scenes during this latest Warriors title run, things that West said would blow our minds when they become public. "I know the veterans are going to come back and do exactly what they need to do".

There is some history motivation for next season. Even with him, though, Golden State needed a Game 7 comeback just to defeat the Houston Rockets on the road and reach the Finals this year, but the beat-down of Cleveland seemed to reinforce the notion for some that the National Basketball Association has lost its competitive balance. The only teams who have won four crowns in five years are that Boston team and the 1950s Minneapolis Lakers. "Any question that kind of talks about the future and whatnot, you don't want to cheat the moment".

"I'm so happy for you".

Durant staying sets up another off-season of "superteam" building by rivals when dealmaking begins in July, as Houston and Boston assembled top talent past year and each was one win from the finals. "I gave everything I had", said the 41-year-old coach, who had to deal with an anxiety disorder and took a nine-game leave of absence in the regular season after suffering from chest pains.

"This year was the toughest".

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