Published: Wed, June 20, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Trump's border security boss should resign over family separation policy, Democrats say

The audio was provided by Human Rights attorney Jennifer Harbury, who told CNN that a client was at the facility last week where children had been recently separated from their parents. Trump scrapped that policy last fall, though federal courts have kept the program in place temporarily.

At a conference Monday morning, Nielsen doubled down and said her department is just "enforcing the laws passed by Congress" and would "not apologize for doing our job". Kamala Harris earlier Monday demanding Nielsen step down.

The family separation issue has emerged as one of the most inflammatory issues in a legislative fight to pass immigration reform. In fact, I'd give her a 20 percent chance of following Comey's general career arc of leaving the government unceremoniously, becoming a harsh administration critic, then cashing in on some Democratic-pleasing tell-all. If the Democrats would sit down, instead of obstructing, we could have something done very quickly, good for the children, good for the country, good for the world.

"False claim 4. They are enforcing the laws Congress wrote".

Ms. Nielsen called Democrats "cowardly" for refusing to work with Mr. Trump on solutions.

In recent days, as national outcry over the family separation policy has reached a fever pitch, top Trump officials - including the president himself - have tried to pin the blame for the immigration crisis on Democrats.

Bush wrote a guest editorial for The Washington Post in which she compared the DHS actions to the US policy of incarcerating Japanese American in camps during World War II.

The family separations have prompted bipartisan outrage.

"What the administration has chose to do is to separate children from their parents to try to send a message that, if you cross the border with children, your children are going to be ripped away from you", she said.

Religious leaders are speaking out against the policy, with Archbishop of Miami Thomas Wenski saying the practice effectively "weaponizes" children, on NPR's Weekend Edition.

"In the last three months we've seen illegal immigration on our southern border exceed 50,000 people each month, multiples over each month a year ago".

Nielsen said the policy was signed into law during the George W. Bush administration. He also emphasized most children have come here unaccompanied and said the Department of Health and Human Services takes custody of them at a cost of more than $1 billion a year. "I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the goal of order", he said Thursday. All 49 Senate Democrats are now sponsoring California Sen.

Many others in Washington and around the country said the Trump White House is going too far.

"The United States will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility, it won't be", Trump said.

"But now, it is the exclusive product of loopholes in our federal immigration laws that prevent illegal immigrant minors and family members from being detained and removed to their home countries". Many are fleeing violence in Central America and are hoping to apply for asylum in the United States.

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