Published: Sun, June 17, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Trump 'Hates' Families Being Parted At Border, Insists Dems Must Change Law

Trump 'Hates' Families Being Parted At Border, Insists Dems Must Change Law

President Donald Trump said Friday that he would oppose a compromise immigration bill cobbled together by House Republicans - dealing a significant blow to GOP leaders who have scrambled to rally support for the bill.

Both moderates leading the discharge petition efforts, which would circumvent leadership and force votes on four immigration proposals, and conservatives noted the bill was still a work in progress.

"I certainly wouldn't sign the more moderate one", Trump said on "Fox & Friends".

The president's statement will nearly certainly doom the bill, which Ryan and other GOP leaders have been working on for weeks. Republican leaders have said they did not want to pass immigration legislation that Trump would not sign.

Ryan said on Wednesday he had been working "hand in glove with the administration" in drafting the measure.

GOP aides did immediately respond when asked whether Trump's tweet meant votes would occur next week.

And House Republicans were told a statement of administration policy was being drafted in support of their compromise immigration bill, according to a House GOP source. Both bills contain stringent security provisions and money to build Trump's proposed wall with Mexico, but only the compromise measure gives young immigrants who arrived in the USA illegally as children a chance to ultimately become citizens.

Conservatives are leery of legislation protecting from deportation immigrants who arrived illegally, calling it amnesty. It's expected to get a House vote next week, along with a more restrictive proposal sponsored by Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia. They must, for example, have a high school diploma or GED and must be under 36 years of age as of June 15. DACA has let the immigrants live and work in the renewable two-year increments, but does not give them permanent legal status. The compromise bill also ends two chain migration categories, shuffles some of the visas to the employment-based category. The visas from those programs would flow into a pot for the Dreamers and then dry up.

The bill would also end per country visa limits while maintaining the current cap on visas, meaning the number of new immigrants allowed into the country would be reduced as visas are granted to DREAMers. The other is the compromise Border Security and Immigration Reform Act (BSIRA).

While people around the country hit the streets protesting separating children from their parents at the USA border, Republican House members are crafting an immigration bill that would end family separations, as the US plans to reopen a tent shelter to house migrant children. "I have to have that".

"It sounds like they were going to take a vote on a couple of different bills on immigration probably next week". He made the comment Friday after Mr. Trump told reporters that he won't sign a "moderate" bill. "That's fair." But, he added, because those people can eventually apply for citizenship, "they're not permanently sort of second-class residents of America".

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