Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
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Tiger Brandon Ellis Wears Black Armband For Childhood Friend Eurydice Dixon

Tiger Brandon Ellis Wears Black Armband For Childhood Friend Eurydice Dixon

Earlier this week, a Melbourne comedian name Eurydice Dixon was murdered on her way home from a gig.

In the set, Eurydice Dixon addresses gender equality.

Victoria Police's response to Dixon's murder has since drawn criticism as they advised people to "be aware of their own personal security and just be mindful of their surroundings." . She had been performing in a local bar not long before. Her body was found on a football field roughly three hours later.

"I think in the last 12 months, with the #MeToo movement and women standing up and saying - OK enough no more - the line has been drawn", she said.

Evangeline Douglas, one of the organisers, said the sister vigil was meant to give Perth locals the opportunity to pay their respects to the 22-year-old and to show solidarity for women who felt concerned about police advice that followed Ms Dixon's death. It is not known if Dixon knew her attacker or what the motive may have been for the killing. It was a journey she'd safely made many times before.

Melbourne University Blacks player Josh Bowden said his team trained at Princes Park the night Ms Dixon was killed.

"People should be able to walk home at night without being in fear", Acting Commander David Clayton said. In reality, though, it's infuriating to hear, not just because other sorts of crimes don't generally receive the same sort of "common sense" warnings (highlighting the fact that that language really does place the burden of safety on female victims), but because it completely ignores the fact that we already do all of these things.

There was also frustration at the police's advocacy for women displaying situational awareness and to carry a phone, especially since Eurydice had texted her friend saying she was nearly home just minutes before her alleged rape and death.

"We'll never change a thing until we do".

"We had seen on social media how much anger, sadness, frustration, grief - all of those emotions - were being expressed, everywhere", Cerveri explained. A man has been charged with her murder. That a young comic who had just spent the night making people happy could meet with such a vile fate'.

'I didn't know her, but I'm so sorry that this happened, she had a bright future ahead of her.

Premier Daniel Andrews took to social media on Friday to urge women to not change their behaviours. Her traumatic death has had such a profound effect on Australian women, in part because of the banality in the moments leading up to it.

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