Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Steam Leaks Just Cause 4

Steam Leaks Just Cause 4

Yep, it already leaked on Walmart Canada several weeks ago, but Steam has brought us the confirmation of Just Cause 4 with a piece of key art. Another rumored game seems to be confirmed, as Valve apparently pushed an ad to Steam users for the as-yet-unannounced Just Cause 4. If we were to guess, Square Enix will likely have a quick turn-around on this one and try to slot it somewhere in December like Just Cause 3 or very early 2019.

However, there's not much to discern from the artwork, other than a fairly temperate-looking setting and main character Rico Rodriguez looking pretty much like he always does. That game is Just Cause 4, and few will be sorry to hear (however prematurely) that it's being made.

There has been no official announcement from publishers Square Enix, or Avalanche, regarding this release, after the promo images were found.

What can we expect from Just Cause 4?

The only other unconfirmed game (apart from Dragon Quest 2, which is nearly certainly a typo of some sort) is Borderlands 3, which is no secret but so far there's been no indication it's going to be at E3 or out this year. What do you make of this new IP from Avalanche Studios?

Still, with an additional three years' experience under its belt and plenty of lessons learned from the third instalment, I for one remain cautiously optimistic that Just Cause 4 will be a welcome return to form for Avalanche's unique action shooter.

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