Published: Wed, June 20, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Led coalition bombed Syrian military base in Dayr al-Zawr

Syrian state media had reported on Sunday that the US -led coalition bombed one of the regime's military positions in al-Harra, resulting in injuries and fatalities, according to Reuters.

The attack took place in al-Harra, southeast of the town of Albu Kamal, state news agency SANA said, citing a military source.

The official said the drone bombed Iraqi faction positions between Syrian military positions and Albu Kamal and Tanf.

The Pentagon denied responsibility.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strike on the town of Al-Hari was one of the deadliest on forces allied with the regime, but could not immediately identify who carried it out.

Syrian state media accused the USA of launching airstrikes against Syrian military targets in the east of the country which caused deaths and injures, though the US military has denied any involvement.

Some reports early Monday have accused Israel of the strike. The US-led coalition has struck pro-government forces in the past when they have tried to cross the river. "We want to be very clear that our focus is on ISIS". The main card was Al-Nusra, that was called 'moderate, ' but when scandals started leaking that they're not moderate, that they're Al-Qaeda, which is supposed to be fought by the United States, they started looking for another card.

Asked about the reported air strikes, an Israeli military spokeswoman said: "We do not comment on foreign reports".

Damascus says that the American presence discourages "moderate" militants from engaging in any constructive negotiations with the government.

Syrian troops and their allies have been conducting operations against Daesh, east of the Euphrates river while the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are on the offensive against IS on the east banks.

Washington seemingly took Assad's statement as a threat and has warned the government troops against any attempt to remove them by force. That's less certain. Syrian state media initially attributed the attack to USA drones, but Centcom has subsequently issued a statement insisting that, while aware of the attacks, neither the U.S. nor any coalition member was involved.

The US will remain in Syria as long as needed, to maintain the so-called "deconfliction zone" under the coalition's umbrella, the US military official added.

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