Published: Thu, June 21, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

LeBron James said to be looking at private schools in Houston

LeBron James said to be looking at private schools in Houston

Entering the 2018 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers must operate without knowing the status of LeBron James, who can opt out of his contract before the end of the month.

During his 19-year career, O'Neal won three championships with the Lakers and one with the Heat.

In 2019-20, a season many fans point to as one that could come with some long-awaited salary-cap relief, Love, Thompson, Clarkson, Smith ($3.87 million of his salary is guaranteed), Korver ($3.44 million guaranteed) and Hill ($1 million) are scheduled to take up $65,881,630 of room. Los Angeles has been listed as the favorite to land him by the oddsmakers.

James can still opt into the past year of his contract which is worth $35.6 million - he has until June 29 to do so but the expectation is that he'll choose against it and become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st.

I was talking with my Dad when we mentioned the possibility of how Golden State can get better this off season.

This move paid off nearly immediately, with Love helping the team win a Championship a couple of seasons ago, but even so, the constant criticism has never stopped for the All-Star power forward.

Just a little over a week after the NBA Finals ended and people have seemed to completely forget about the Warriors winning their third title in just four years. Why?

"People tend to forget LeBron's ultimate end game in the National Basketball Association, which is owning a team". "So LeBron's book is already set", O'Neal said.

Every day until LeBron James makes his decision, new reports will surface about where the best player in the game will sign.

"Somebody told me a long time ago - they said your book is already set [before the later stages of your career]". You can add index pages toward the end, but your book is already set. "He done already passed up legends; he done already made his mark - he has three rings". His mentality now is probably: I want to get four before [Golden State Warriors guard] Steph [Curry] does. It's just something else to talk about, something else to add to the pages.

"They're going to offer him the max".

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