Published: Sat, June 30, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Indians in United States jail: Nikki Haley wants matter "resolved"

Indians in United States jail: Nikki Haley wants matter

The United States has announced postponement of a high-level dialogue with India scheduled for next week in Washington, DC, without assigning any reasons even as its ambassador to the United Nations met with top Indian leaders in New Delhi to step up ties in various fields.

Haley also suggested the US and India should join forces to counter China's assertive policies as well as as Pakistani terror threats.

Pakistan becoming a haven for terror groups can not be tolerated and the US has already delivered the message to Islamabad, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley today said. "When America's and India's defense and foreign ministers meet, they will discuss ways that the United States can continue to support India as a provider of regional security, particularly, in and around the Indian Ocean".

She met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday.

Ms Haley, who is the daughter of Sikh immigrants from Punjab, also prepared rotis for langar at the Gurudwara.

The US was in talks with India on the subject, she said adding that "I think India also recognises the threats of Iran. But the strategic partnership we hope to build is bigger and more durable than that", Haley told the India Observer Research Foundation think-tank in New Delhi.

In her speech, Haley focused only on the positives of the India-US economic relations-the fact that trade had doubled over the last decade and the common commitment of the two countries to "open, market-based economies"-and not on the trade deficits and high tariffs that US president Donald Trump has been spotlighting".

To improve India's military capabilities, the United States has offered to sell it unarmed Guardian surveillance drones, aircraft carrier technologies and F-18 and F-16 fighter aircraft.

"Today, Indian-Americans are the most educated and highly philanthropic minority in US", ANI quoted her as saying.

On how New Delhi proposed to deal with the United States sanctions, Kumar said Iran was a traditional partner of India - having historical and civilisational links - and "we have our own views on Iran and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action".

U.S. -India relations have generally prospered in the past decade, in part due to their shared concerns about the rise of China.

" India-US relations are multi-faceted and on a vast canvass". Again, while lauding India's record in UN peacekeeping and referring to the UN reform agenda on the subject, Haley did not refer to India's bid become a permanent member of the UN Security Council-something India has been publically campaigning for. "In this day and time we see more and more reasons for India and the U.S. to come together", she said.

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