Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Got Potholes? Tell Domino's about it. You might get lucky

Got Potholes? Tell Domino's about it. You might get lucky

The "Pizza Damage Report" shows the state of pizza during a ride on mildly, moderately, critically and catastrophically damaged roads.

Domino's marketing campaign, Paving for Pizza, has had the company hiring work crews to fix five potholes in Burbank, California, eight in Bartonville, Texas, 40 in Milford, Delaware, and 150 holes in Athens, Georgia. If their town is selected, the customer will be notified and the city will receive funds to help fix roads so pizzas make it home safely. Customers can nominate their towns for the program.

"Cracks, bumps, potholes and other road conditions can put good pizzas at risk after they leave the store", the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company said in a news release.

Domino's is doing its part to save its pizza from deteriorating roads, one pothole at a time. Domino's has created an interactive experience showing what happens when the delivery driver goes over a pot hole, and it's as bad as you would imagine.

Bartonville town administrator Michael Montgomery praised the company's input. If you want to get your local roads fixed by Domino's, visit their Nominate Your Town page to enter your zip code. At a restaurant in Johnson City, health inspectors discovered rodent droppings on 14 trays of pizza dough.

Fouracre declined to disclose specific grant details, but said they're "smaller", "not multi-million dollar" awards created to add on to pothole-fixing budgets.

KFC actually beat Domino's to this idea back in 2009, Fortune said.

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