Published: Thu, June 21, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Google Maps Doesn’t Let You Directly Book Uber Rides Anymore

Google Maps Doesn’t Let You Directly Book Uber Rides Anymore

Uber is testing a system that would lower ride rates. ifyou're willing to wait cool your heels on getting to your destination.

Uber acquired the ability to book rides in the Google Maps app by pulling up the account window and signalling the ride without leaving the app in January 2017. While you could always just book from your app directly, it saved you some time if you're already on Google Maps anyway. This meant less steps for users which could also help drive the number Uber rides.

Google has offered one of the easiest ways to book an Uber ride-until now. So maybe Uber's disappearance from Google Maps isn't really that surprising.

Google Maps on Android users can no longer book Uber rides directly from within the app. Google quietly took down the feature and did not provide an official explanation regarding the decision.

If the ride sharing integration of Google Maps is news to you, it is one of the options that you'll see when searching for directions to a place, which includes walking, driving, and public transit options.

In context: Uber has to be careful to balance the line between wait times and saving money as longer wait times could have a negative impact on a customer's view of the overall promptness of the service, even if they agree to it.

The report says that Uber integration appears to have been pulled from Google Maps for iOS last summer, but in a teardown of the Maps version 9.72 APK for Android in February of this year, the feature was still present.

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