Published: Tue, June 19, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Gamble on England's system brings World Cup reward for bold Gareth Southgate

Gamble on England's system brings World Cup reward for bold Gareth Southgate

The incident comes as England is set to play its first World Cup match in Russia, after serious violence broke out between Russian and England fans in the French city of Marseille during the Euro 2016 championship.

After Belgium thrashed Panama 3-0 in the other Group G game on Monday, the pressure was on England to deliver only their second win in their last nine games at World Cups.

"All we want to do is make the country proud", said Kane.

"If (Raheem) Sterling can start firing on all cylinders then we're going to be on fire", he said.

Turnout for the match, however, was expected to be low, with less than 2,000 tickets sold to fans coming from Britain, according to England's Football Supporters' Federation.

Already, Gareth Southgate's side have more wins than they managed in Brazil in 2014, and with Kane on fire in attack, there could be more to come.

Uzi Alan, a 28-year-old banker from London, echoed the sentiment.

That pessimism, however, has not been born out by the evidence of the tournament's opening weekend, with Russia's promise to clamp down on its hooligans appearing to have worked, nice weather, good football and lots of signs that Russians are desperate to be good hosts.

The group, along with deputy British ambassador Lindsay Skoll, gathered in the Hall of Military Glory at Mamayev Kurgan.

"I think if the Skripal business hadn't happened we would have had 10,000 here", he said.

One fan was taken to hospital after cutting himself on a carriage door, while another who tried to leave the train was detained and charged with disobeying a policeman's orders.

A source with knowledge of the matter previously told Reuters two British men were removed from the train.

"Obviously there is a lot of respect there but from us kind of just concentrate on the task ahead and if we get a chance to go and see any of the statues and monuments I'm sure some of the players would like to do that".

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