Published: Thu, June 21, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Frustrated Phil Mickelson swats moving ball with putter at US Open

Frustrated Phil Mickelson swats moving ball with putter at US Open

Even worse, Phil Mickelson deliberately hit a moving ball on the 13th green to prevent it from rolling all the way off the putting surface.

Mickelson, who's out of contention at the tournament, putted a moving ball in frustration while on the green on Saturday.

His score at 13 was first posted as an eight, then a nine and finally a 10 that left him 10-over for his round and 16-over for the tournament.

"John Daly's reputation took a hit after what he did at Pinehurst in '99 and I fear it will be the same for Phil", said former U.S. Golf Association executive director David Fay. It would be a bit of a masochistic move from any pro to actually put this into play, knowing the firestorm of criticism Phil created Saturday, but under these circumstances, doesn't Phil-hockey sound like an extremely legitimate strategic decision? Mickelson's fifth stroke was a putt that went by the hole and began going down a slope. "You always want to use them in your favour", said Mickelson.

The player added: "It's certainly not meant to disrespect the championship. It's amusing. I just wanted to get to the next hole and did not see that happening without the two shots".

He putted his fifth stroke, sending the ball past the hole to the right.

The Englishman told Omnisport: "He was making a statement that, "This is ridiculous and I'm going to show you how ridiculous this is".

"I feel his pain, because everyone was having hard on the course today, but there definitely was a better way to handle it", Mr. Lilly, of Bronxville, said, but agreeing that Mickelson should not have been ejected from the tournament.

"If he acted like that all the time, I think that's different". "I know it is a two-shot penalty".

That came after Mickelson's "moment of madness", as Saturday playing partner Andrew Johnston described it, became not only the talk of the tournament, but of the entire sports world and beyond.

Again, I've never seen anything like it.

Phil Mickelson took a weird 2-stroke penalty at the U.S. Open when he intentionally putted a ball that was still rolling on the green. It's just simply I just wanted to get on to the next hole and I didn't see that happening at the time.

Notes on a golf scorecard while figuring what I might reasonably shoot at Shinnecock Hills under U.S. Open conditions (I'm thinking 157) ... But now he is 48 and his US Open legacy will be highlighted by a premeditated rules infraction at the grandest course in America. "That's where we clarified that 'Phil, you make a stroke at a moving ball, so we have to apply that rule'".

"'I withdraw.' Those are the next words Mickelson should say on his way out of the U.S. Open and into a better and brighter tomorrow".

"You might have a bad day at work or do something or say something that you regret".

Just imagine what a joke it would be if every player, both in the
amateur and professional games, set out from now on with Mickelson's mentality of trying to save the odd shot here or there if a ball was heading towards either a bunker or a hazard.

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