Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
Medical | By Garry George

Final weekend of campaigning gets underway ahead of Ontario election

Final weekend of campaigning gets underway ahead of Ontario election

Ordinarily, party leaders don't surrender until after an election, even when the situation looks hopeless. People who told us they planned to vote for the NDP that year divided about half and half between the Liberals and Conservatives as their second choice; Conservative voters gave the Liberals their second choice by a two-to-one margin over the NDP, and Liberal voters gave their second choice to the PCs by about the same margin. A vote for the Liberal Party is your best bet to make sure that the next government is not a majority government.

This time, however, it appears the strategic vote is poised to break in Horwath's favour.

Doug Ford won't say whether he'll march in Toronto's annual Pride parade if he's elected Ontario premier. The worry for the party is that the Liberals could lose official party status, with some polls suggesting the Liberals could win fewer than the required eight seats. The Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats are within the margin of error of a tie in popular vote, but the trailing Liberals could still have a significant impact on the final result.

But since then we have come to believe party affiliations, where they exist at all, are quite volatile. Because, as I've said, it's not about me.

"It became clear - and she conceded [that] - that she can not win the election".

There's only five more days until Election Day.

The move did not sit well with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who accused Wynne of "playing a risky game" that could propel the Tories to a majority.

The Ontario Liberal Party also released a campaign ad echoing Wynne's warning about a majority government.

What Doug Ford offers to Ontario is worse than a B-grade horror movie that we hope won't be coming soon to a theatre near you.

Wynne said Ontario has developed one of the strongest economies in North America under a Liberal government that worked with employees, business leaders, and political leaders on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. "And her request today for a minority government is a demand that she be allowed to continue to hold the power at Queen's Park - something voters have already rejected". I was at Queen's Park at the time and actually thought she sounded reasonable, a real moderate. Wynne, however, said she'd still be on the campaign trail advocating for candidates in local elections "through until that last vote is cast". By voting Liberal you can keep the next government, Conservative or NDP, accountable to you.

Ford's only comment about Wynne's announcement was that Ontarians are exhausted of the Liberals. "All of the things that Doug Ford has said would add up to a $40-billion hole and they have no idea how they would find that".

"They're going to be choosing a person to lead them who will be in some very tricky, very delicate negotiations with US officials", Wynne said.

As Premier, I've tried to dedicate myself to fighting for those people. "And that's important to me", Stockdale said after attending a Horwath rally in Kitchener, Ont., this week.

The Liberals, after years of cuts (usually called "funding freezes" but meaning "less money") to medicine and education, infrastructure, and overall services have suddenly discovered their compassionate inner selves: over the past year, the cash is flowing freely into many hitherto-overlooked or underfunded areas - education, health care, pharmacare, infrastructure.

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