Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

E3 2018: EA debuts new look at Battlefield V; Battle Royale announced

E3 2018: EA debuts new look at Battlefield V; Battle Royale announced

At this year's E3, there was an extensive look at Battlefield V during the EA press conference.

This could mean that EA may enter an exclusive contract with Battlefield V similar to Activision's deal with Sony by providing early access to Call of Duty DLC.

DICE developers took to the stage during EA Play to confirm what we had heard speculated about before; Battlefield V is going to come with some sort of Battle Royale inspired mode.

TheNerdMag E3 2018 Coverage
TheNerdMag E3 2018 Coverage

Battlefield 5 may have launched with a fairly controversial trailer, but the crowd at E3 seemed very hyped up in Hollywood today. Mostly an Xbox and PS4 player but I have been known to destroy friendships in Mario Kart. We assume that the mode will work pretty much like every other battle royale title out there. The announcements were met with positive reactions from the crowd, including the new battle royale mode. It also allows players to further customise their characters with customisable skills for weapons, outfits, and vehicles.

They also detailed War Stories for Battlefield V, which returns from Battlefield 1, and will focus on the men and women who shaped the war.

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