Published: Tue, June 19, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Bystander kills suspect at Washington Walmart

Bystander kills suspect at Washington Walmart

As the driver fired wildly into cars, two people drew handguns, and one person shot him, police say.

As police sped to the scene, they received a second call about a carjacking with shots fired. "Then the suspect tried to carjack a second vehicle".

Police say the suspect then left the store and tried a second carjacking, in the parking lot, shooting an adult male occupant of the auto in the process.

A shooting spree in Tumwater ended in a sun-drenched Walmart parking lot when an armed civilian shot the suspected gunman to death, police said Sunday evening.

A Walmart shopper has shot dead a gunman who shot a driver in the vehicle park in a crime spree.

Megan Chadwick, told KIRO-TV that her husband witnessed the bystander shoot the suspect.

Wohl said authorities do not yet know anything about the gunman and could not reveal any identifying details.

Wohl said that during the attempted carjackings, the man apparently fired into other vehicles as well.

A third victim, a 16-year-old girl was injured at another location, near Tumwater High School, but was not seriously hurt, police said.

He added: "I was in the dairy section".

Shots were fired at the Walmart in Tumwater at about 5pm local time (1am BST), according to reports. When we got about to the door, I heard someone say, 'Gun. One witness on the scene expressed great relief, saying that a lot more people might have been shot if the armed citizen (s) hadn't intervened.

Caitlyn Wallner of Tenino was standing in the self-checkout line. She heard "pop, pop, pop", and a man yelling "there's a guy shooting". It also appeared that her vehicle had been stolen. He then removed some ammunition and left the store.

Kailani Bailey, 19, of Lacey also was inside the Walmart grocery shopping when a tall man in a gray T-shirt and jeans sprinted into the building, shoving people out of the way and shouting "Move, move!" Adams said he wound up being near where the suspect was eventually shot. "Then it was like boom, boom, boom, and it was like "those aren't balloons" and we started running". "When I got outside, I heard more pop, pop, pop".

They say they found the 16-year-old's stolen auto in the parking lot. The only facts which seem to not be in dispute are that police were alerted to possible criminal activity in the area when a man with a gun was seen near the Walmart. She was hiding on the ground crying. "He is a hero", Adams told CNN affiliate KOMO.

She said about that time the neighboring Costco store started evacuating its customers.

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