Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Bryant says James has to figure out a way to win titles

Bryant says James has to figure out a way to win titles

The last time LeBron James made a significant decision regarding relocation he made a point of keeping Dwyane Wade out of the loop, to save his friend the burden of having to carry a secret.

"I don't really think the basketball decision of saying, 'Oh, let me go team up with three All-Stars.' I think at this point in his life, it's more so of a lifestyle thing of where my family is going to be the most comfortable and where I'm going to be the most happiest at".

James has emptied the tank when it comes to doing what it takes to bring his team to victory, but this is something that has wound up hurting him, rather than helping him, as his teammates have grown accustomed to relying on his greatness, rather than seeking victory in their own hands. Over the course of his postgame press conference, James reiterated that he's still in "championship mode", a potential problem for a Cleveland team coming off a sweep to the NBA's most talented team.

"If I'm Bron, you got to figure out a way to win". "Then it ultimately will come down to me, and so we'll see what happens". Obviously he still had to say the final yay or nay, but I knew.

The guard is deciding if he'll return for another season in Miami.

As LeBron James' potential third foray into free agency approaches, you'd be hard-pressed to find a player in the National Basketball Association without an opinion on the subject.

"If the Cavaliers refused to execute a sign-and-trade and James wanted to return to South Florida, the Heat somehow would need to clear out about $55 million in cap space, while taking nothing back except cash and draft choices, in order to create the salary cap room to give James a max contract".

National Basketball Association free-agency begins July 1, but it is possible James opts into the final, 2018-19, season on his contract in order to facilitate a trade in advance.

LeBron James isn't sure where he's going to wind up this summer.

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