Published: Sat, June 30, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Apple Gets Second Supplier for OLED iPhone Screens

Apple Gets Second Supplier for OLED iPhone Screens

Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday settled a years long patent dispute, according to a filing the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Two rounds of approvals, the first one due in July, are all that separate LG from winning Apple's orders. That verdict triggered multiple appeals all the way to the USA supreme court. The case began with the iPhone 3GS and the Galaxy S i9000: since then, both Apple and Samsung have completely reinvented their software and hardware styling. LG wants to supply all the screens for that Apple model, though it's not clear it can yet achieve that, one of the people said.

The companies also collided in a second and separate 2014 trial in the same court over different patent-infringement claims of different Android phones.

The final amount Samsung will have to play remains undisclosed, so it seems we'll never know how much Apple will get from the long-running case. The two tech giants have finally ended a 7-year patent battle in which both companies argued the other's phones used technology that had already been patented. The court in May 2018 ruled against Samsung, and increased the fine from $399 million to $539 million, which was almost $140 million more. Apple's argument was that Samsung's penalty should be calculated on the entire cost of the iPhone. Apple ignited the smartphone revolution with iPhone and it is a fact that Samsung blatantly copied our design. While this is a small number by Apple's standards, it will work to ramp up its capacity to produce more in the future.

The jury had been asked to determine whether design features at issue in the case are worth all profit made from Samsung smartphones that copied them - or whether those features are worth just a fraction because they are components.

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