Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Economy | By Melissa Porter

YouTube Music is Here as Google's New Music Service

YouTube Music is Here as Google's New Music Service

Subscribing to YouTube Premium includes "YouTube Music", which features ad-free music along with background listening and downloads.

As usual in this type of service, the YouTube Music application will offer us a personalized experience recommending songs and playlists that we like, a feature that has become part of everyday life for many of us. If you're a Google Play Music subscriber, then you're getting YouTube Music Premium for free. Google Play Music will remain for now and subscribers instantly get YouTube Music Premium as well.

The new service, which rolls out today as a replacement for YouTube Red. merges YouTube's music offering as an aspect of the YouTube Premium service, which also offers premium content from all your favourite brain-dead, egomaniac hipsters that go on to embarrass themselves on "celebrity" reality shows.

For existing YouTube Red members, the current price will continue for YouTube Premium, it said. That includes the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea, all of which are getting YouTube Premium "soon".

A couple of cool new additions worth noting here too: YouTube Music will finally gain a native desktop application similar to Spotify.

YouTube is launching a new music-oriented streaming service called YouTube Music to rival the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. It will be expanded to other countries in the following weeks. As long as you describe it well, or provide a line or two of lyrics, it will give you the song you want.

However, with YouTube's backing, you also get access to millions of music videos.

"The days of jumping back and forth between multiple music apps and YouTube are over", wrote Elias Roman, product manager for YouTube Music, in a blog post. In time, Google Play Music will be phased out, according to reports.

However, the real question here is what this means for Google Play Music and YouTube Red.

"Thousands of playlists built to help you discover new music".

YouTube Premium success, however, will depend on one factor that YouTube Red has so far failed to address: YouTube Originals. Both offer to remove the ads and let you watch your drivel offline.

It's also worth mentioning podcasts which are now available through Google Play Music.

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