Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

What do you hear, is it Yanny or Laurel?

What do you hear, is it Yanny or Laurel?

It internet is getting split up over an audio clip with some users hearing the word spoken out in the audio clip as "laurel" while other hear "yanny". Users can manipulate the slider to the left, until they hear Laurel.or move the slider to the right to hear Yanny.

Intrigued, Szabo sent it to a friend who posted the clip on Instagram and created a poll that quickly went viral, triggering a mass debate that has spread internationally.

Since the clip went viral, the students responsible have solved the mystery - and the winners, it seems, are the "Laurel" team.

The explanation is that as we get older, we tend to start losing our hearing at higher frequency ranges.

The clip came from as a pronunciation for the word laurel.

Szabo told the Times the clip originated from for the world "Laurel". There were also others who claimed that they heard both names.

Do you hear what I hear? "It is going to interpret three of them, and it can kind of pick which ones it decides to hear".

Then, he said, you have to take into account the different ways people are listening to this - through mobile phones, headphones, tablets, etc.

"My mom voted Laurel and so did my dad, but I voted Yanny", Carter Brunner smiled.

"Oh wow, I heard Laurel, you heard Laurel that time, I did, I swear this morning I heard Yanny".

Kothare suggested that the recording was likely "cleverly synthesized" to trick our brain's powers of speech detection. "If you remove the high frequencies, you hear Laurel".

‪We can only hear one thing‬ ‪#GoCowboys‬ ‪#Yanny #Laurel‬.

Ms Feldman said in a video she was fielding multiple interview requests and searching for the original creator.

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