Published: Sat, May 26, 2018
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United States parents sue 30-year-old son who refuses to move out

United States parents sue 30-year-old son who refuses to move out

The case, which pitted Michael Rotondo against his parents, has made worldwide headlines.

A NY judge today ordered a 30-year-old man to vacate his parents' home after they took him to court when he refused to leave.

A NY state judge has backed a couple's battle to kick their 30-year-old son out of their home because he has not contributed toward household expenses or helped with chores and they wanted him to get a job.

In one letter from 2 February, they wrote: "Michael, after a discussion with your mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately".

Michael Rotondo eviction: Pictured the Camillus, NY home that the millenial son refuses to move out of.Michael Rotondo eviction: A work discrimination suit, ongoing child custody and other missed opportunities.

'You have 14 days to vacate.

"I was originally hoping to give it back", he later told CBS outside the family home.

In interviews with the media, Rotondo has said the rift with his parents, who cut off his cellphone and refused to give him food, is rooted in an ongoing dispute over his young son.

Judge Donald Greenwood on Tuesday ordered the parents' lawyer, Anthony Adorante, to draft an order outlining the terms of the eviction.

Which they followed up with another note, which read: "Michael Joseph Rotondo, you are hereby evicted".

"I really don't want to stay there", he told the New York Post after the court loss. It started off with Rotondo saying he did not want to live with his parents anymore because "it's very tense, it's very awkward" but then saying he still would like more time to move out.

Eventually, the judge ruled in the parents' favour, meaning the 30-year-old needs to leave the NY state property immediately. He made it clear that he didn't live in a basement, and that he had his own bedroom.

In the 2006 Matthew McConaughey romantic comedy, the grown son's parents hire a woman to try to speed their son's exit.

Michael Rotondo said he does have a job, but wouldn't answer any questions about the line of work he's in.

There's no word yet how long he'll have to move out but he's hoping for three months.

The judge explained that Rotondo was given numerous notices, but Rotondo tried to argue as his own attorney that he needed more time, according to WSYR.

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