Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Some NJ Congressional Primary Candidates Argue Party-Line Politics Are Unfair

Some NJ Congressional Primary Candidates Argue Party-Line Politics Are Unfair

Bob Casey, D-Pa., in the fall. The sole Republican nomination for this position is being sought by Kathy Codey, Diana Irey Vaughn, Jeff Bartos and Peg Luksik.

In contrast with Lake County, Drew Wenger, chair of the Valparaiso Democratic Committee, said Porter County has always had a Republican majority, though he thinks a growing number of Republicans are increasingly dissatisfied with their party and are selecting Democratic ballots as a result. Judy Herschel and Marc Friedenberg are vying for the sole Democratic nomination for that position. Four additional Republican candidates were formerly in the race, but have since withdrawn.

Five candidates want the nomination.

The governor didn't schedule special elections for the seats until late March when a judge ordered him to and also rejected the governor's request for a delay while the Legislature debated changing the law on how special elections are scheduled. Republican Rep. Harry Lewis Jr., who now represents the 74th District, is not seeking re-election.

The other contested Democratic race is for lieutenant governor. John Blake, an Archbald Democrat, and Old Forge School Director Frank Scavo, a Republican.

Republican Rep. Charlie Dent, whose current 15th district seat stretches from Allentown to Hershey, announced in April that he would step down from Congress this month.

2,133 (57% of the requesting population) have asked for Republican ballots and 1,586 (43% of the requesting population) have asked for Democrat ballots.

Legal battles are playing out in several USA states over gerrymandering, the process by which district lines are manipulated to favor one party.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a longtime Democrat who switched to Republican to run for the seat.

That's about 18.6 percent of registered voters, a low compared to recent years, according to the Oregon Secretary of State's Office.

So far, 246 unaffiliated voters have requested Democratic ballots, and 236 have requested Republican ballots.

In the 155th District, Danielle Friel Otten and Ronald Graham are running in the Democratic Primary; Rep. Becky Corbin is running unopposed in the Republican Primary.

And two Republican House lawmakers from the Philadelphia suburbs, Reps.

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