Published: Sun, May 13, 2018
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Saudi forces intercept Houthi ballistic missile targeting Jazan

Saudi forces intercept Houthi ballistic missile targeting Jazan

A domestically made Badr-1 ballistic missile was sacked by Yemeni forces at the Saudi base in al-Darb, near the southern border city of Najran, according to a report by Yemen's al-Masirah television network later that day.

A ballistic missile launched by pro-Iranian Yemeni Houthi rebels was intercepted on its way to the capital Riyadh, Saudi media, including the website of Arab News, reported on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the UAE-backed Yemeni forces continued in making ground progress in the fighting in western coast of Hodeidah province and liberated several areas from the Houthi rebels. It also fired missiles in Riyadh's Dry Port and other "economic targets" in the city.

Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels have fired ballistic missiles into the Kingdom in the past, which have been intercepted by Riyadh.

He said the rockets were launched from northern Yemen toward "populated areas" of Saudi Arabia, but were intercepted overnight without any casualties or damage.

Since November of past year, the Iran-backed insurgents have intensified missile attacks into neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi-led countries engaged in the war on Yemen have also blockaded the already-impoverished country.

Former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed in Sanaa after days of intense fighting between Houthi rebels and his loyalist forces on December 4 past year.

The conflict in Yemen, which began in 2014, has claimed more than 100,000 lives so far.

Saudi Arabia has expelled 17000 Yemeni migrants so far this year, amidst fears that it could deport up to 700000 to war and misery in their homeland, deepening the crisis, the United Nations migration agency says.

Yemeni officials say a suspected Saudi-led coalition airstrike has killed six people, including children, near the rebel-held capital, Sanaa.

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