Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
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Right to Die Law Killed by Judge

Right to Die Law Killed by Judge

"Access to health care has no relationship to assisted suicide", she said, saying passing the law set a risky precedent that undermines the legislative process.

While he did not base his decision on the merits of the law, Judge Daniel Ottolia of the Riverside County Superior Court agreed with the plaintiffs, represented by the Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), that the legislation was not pertinent to the objective of the special session.

A May 15 ruling by a California judge overturning the state's law allowing assisted suicide is encouraging because it "was a bad law", said Ned Dolejsi, executive director of the California Catholic Conference.

A judge overturned California's two-year-old aid-in-dying law on Tuesday, giving the state attorney general just five days to file an appeal. Maynard's family advocated for the law in California and elsewhere.

"We are hopeful that the state accepts this decision and that the matter is referred back to the Legislature for further consideration", Larson said.

"To be honest, a little bit surprised", Snyder said of the judge's ruling.

"They're trying to take away the option of a terminally ill person, like my wife was, to have a peaceful dying process instead of what, in her case, was a brain tumor that would have tortured her to death", Diaz told TIME on Wednesday. Facing a painful death, she moved to OR, where the nation's first such law was passed two decades ago, and legally obtained a doctor's prescription for the drug she used to end her life.

"It was a violation of the Constitution to basically slip in this suicide bill", she said. "Ultimately, we are confident an appeals court will rule the legislature duly passed the End of Life Option Act and reinstate this perfectly valid law".

He believes that physician-assisted suicide is "dangerous for the health care profession". "We strongly disagree with this ruling and the State is seeking expedited review in the Court of Appeal", the attorney general's office said in a statement. If diagnosed with less than six months to live, a patient may request lethal drugs from their physician.

Betsy Davis threw herself a party before becoming one of the first people to use a California law allowing her to take her own life in 2016.

Attorneys with Life Legal Defense Foundation told LifeNews that the assisted suicide law sponsors introduced the bill in a special session of the legislature convened by Governor Jerry Brown to address Medicaid funding shortfalls, services for the disabled, and in-home health support services. He honors his wife by continuing to advocate for aid in dying legislation for terminally ill patients, he said.

One of the lawsuit's plaintiffs, Dr. Vincent Nguyen, a hospice and palliative care physician in Orange County, said he hopes the legal debate will result in better options for the terminally ill.

George Eighmey, national board president of the nonprofit Death With Dignity argued that as the court battle unfolds, people who want to die will be forced to place their death on hold.

The state was the fifth in the nation to legalize the practice, and the second to do so by legislative act. It's likely Attorney General Xavier Becerra will appeal Ottolia's decision.

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