Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Overwatch's Second Anniversary Event Kicks Off Next Week

Overwatch's Second Anniversary Event Kicks Off Next Week

Next week marks the second anniversary of the game's release (24th May 2016), and so they're celebrating with the return of the anniversary event.

All limited time cosmetics that have been released past year during the events, including the newly added 8 legendary and 3 epic skins will be available. In addition, players who log in will get one free loot box with a guaranteed Legendary item, and those who snag the 50 loot box bundle will receive an extra Legendary loot box. There's gonna be a lot of stuff for you to collect, so if you've been taking a break from Overwatch to play Fortnite-or some other game-then, starting May 22, this is the flawless time to get back into the fight.

Junkrat was featured getting a pirate-themed skin that can be unlocked via loot boxes or in-game cash. Here, you'll be able to rate your skills, go on placement matches, and see where you are situated on the leaderboards. Players will also be able to enjoy past limited time arcade modes such as Lúcioball, Junkenstein's Revenge, Yeti Hunter, etc.

Finally, Overwatch Legendary Edition will be released digitally on the first day of the anniversary event.

"Attention, recruits! The second anniversary of Overwatch is around the corner, and if you haven't already had the opportunity to suit up and save the world as one of our heroes, now's your chance", the official announcement reads.

This means that skins from events such as Halloween, Summer Games, Winter Wonderland and Lunar New Year will all be made available again.

Overwatch is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The previous season event loot will be included in boxes during the anniversary event. The Legendary Edition will come with Legendary, Epic, and Origin skins - 15 total - with your purchase.

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