Published: Wed, May 02, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Oculus Go first look: Facebook's everyday virtual reality experience

Oculus Go first look: Facebook's everyday virtual reality experience

Evidence is piling up that Facebook-owned Oculus is gearing up to launch its low-priced, standalone virtual reality headset Oculus Go, possibly as soon as later today.

Today during Facebook's F8 developers conference, the Oculus Go was launched to the masses in 23 different countries.

It is priced at £199 in the United Kingdom, $199 in the States with 32GB of storage built-in.

A trailer for the Oculus Go has been embedded above. The headset's design echoes that and the experience once you jump in.

Oculus Go will be cross-compatible with more than 1,000 Gear VR apps, so early adopters will have plenty of options on the Oculus Store.

The idea here really is that you should be able to don the Go and get cracking with your VR pursuits as soon as humanly possible. It's still a 3DoF controller, but it feels more robust than the laser pointer with buttons that mobile headsets have had previously. Who's picking one up, and which model are you going with? But it stands out because it does not require a separate computer - a smartphone locked into the device or a PC to tether to - to operate.

That immediate availability only applies to the U.S. for the time being.

The display does a fine job, but is nothing to write home about.

Overall though, the headset is far more high-quality than any other on-the-market standalone headset I've tried to date, costing hundreds of dollars less than most of that competition as well. A post on Reddit shows boxed headsets in a Best Buy glass display case, and Amazon has posted a pre-release page for the headset, as well.

That architecture has helped Facebook and Oculus keep the price down, of course, but it has also forced some compromises.

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