Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Melania to Reveal Agenda Goals on Children's Issues

Melania to Reveal Agenda Goals on Children's Issues

The First Lady responded to that criticism during an appearance with tech leaders in March.

The first lady formally launched her long-awaited initiative after more than a year of reading to children, learning about babies born addicted to drugs and hosting a White House conversation on cyberbullying.

The poll also found the first lady has gained favorable feelings from Democrats, up 15 points since January. Her focus on social media extends from her previous work during the 2016 campaign when she championed combatting cyber bullying as one of her first platforms as first lady.

First lady Melania Trump announced her agenda of personal initiatives Monday afternoon, which are centered on the well-being of American children.

CNN and SSRS also reported Monday President Trump's approval rate is lower than his wife's at 41 percent approve and 53 percent disapprove.

Mrs. Trump has a 12-year-old son, Barron, and has expressed her interest in children through numerous visits to hospitals and schools.

"I am well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic", she said, per CNN.

"I want to nurture and protect the most valuable part of our society and our future- children", the First Lady said.

"Together let's encourage children to dream big, think big and do all they can to be best in everything that they do", the first lady said. The administration includes a mention of using this campaign to equip kids to "deal with the evils of the opioid crisis", too.

Today's ever-connected children need our support to find happiness and to prepare themselves for adulthood. Trump said the "Be Best" campaign will help to support families and children affected by the opioid epidemic, reduce the stigma of drug addiction across the country and bring awareness to programs and places now serving the issue like Lily's Place and the Cincinnati Children's hospital.

Opioid dependence, addiction, and abuse are an epidemic in this country. "The First Lady sees it to be an important issue and something she wants to address".

According to the White House, through the initiative the First Lady will promote existing programs that are already working to "overcome the issues they face growing up".

That changes having a planned rosegarden announcement, her first speech from the historical location around the West Wing side of the WhiteHouse, ft by the Oval Office.

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